UMCF Past Events

There are three annual events at which the churches or pastors of the Upper Midwest Congregational Fellowship may get together for worship, prayer, fellowship, and ministry of the Word. In the late winter there is the Friendship Dinner which takes place at one of the churches on a Friday evening. In the early spring a retreat for either pastors and their wives, or just the pastors is held over a two day period during the week. The venue and theme varies from year to year, but the location is at a Christian retreat center. The Fall Rally, as the name suggests, is held either in September or October and again the location varies from church to church. It is held on a Friday evening and Saturday morning, concluding with a lunch and business meeting. Other UMCF or church events may be added to this page from time to time.

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2010 Fall Rally

Woodbury Community Church

2011 Pastors Retreat

Frederic, Wisconsin